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Doge warrior

Once upon a time, there was a long-standing war between the kingdoms of Doge and Pepe. The conflict between the two kingdoms was bloody and merciless. Both sides fought fiercely for victory and suffered great losses. However, the end of this war seemed distant, and both kingdoms were filled with despair.

But one day, something unexpected happened between the Pepe princess and the Doge soldier. In the midst of the war, a bond formed between these two young souls. Love and understanding overcame their feelings of animosity. Together, they escaped from the war and found a safe haven.

Away from the shadows of the war, the Pepe princess and the Doge soldier began to build a happy life together. The growing love between them strengthened their bond. They worked together to create a hopeful future.

After some time, this loving couple had a child. With the birth of their child, the war between Doge and Pepe kingdoms came to an end. They named the child Pepdog, as a symbol of the union between Doge and Pepe. Pepdog became a symbol of peace and unity between the kingdoms.

As Pepdog grew up, understanding and love spread among the people. Once enemies, the kingdoms now worked together to strive for peace and prosperity. The leaders of the kingdoms signed a peace treaty with the birth of Pepdog, leaving behind the bitter memories of the war.

This story illustrates that wars can come to an end and new beginnings are possible through the power of love. The birth of Pepdog showcases the potential for people to work together to spread peace and love. Doge and Pepe kingdoms are now on a path of building a better future together.

We are introducing the first market-protected token to you. In the market of shit coins, in the event of a 2% loss, 1.5% of the tax fee will be transferred to liquidity, and in case of a 4% loss, an additional 1.5% will be transferred. It will protect its value from price drops while other coins may lose value.
After the sale, an Ethereum bridging will be conducted shortly.
Immediately after the Cex listing, the NFT lending will be announced, and the NFTs will find their lucky owners through a lucky drop.
The applications for CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko have been prepared. Fast listing will be available shortly after the sale.
Right after the Cex listing, the first bridging will take place on the Arbitrum network, followed by the second bridging on the Zksync Era network
Get ready to meet a brand new meme token, which is the ultimate and biggest opportunity.
Mor Duman


6666 unique NFTs are waiting for you.

This NFT series will be required for an NFT lending platform. You must own it to access special privileges and earnings.
Image by Tamanna Rumee

Lucky Drop

What is lucky drop?

After the Cex listing, 6666 unique NFT lucky drops will be distributed at a rate of 6 per hour to wallets that make purchases of $75 or more. These NFT owners will benefit from earnings and privileges on the NFT landing platform.
The first 500 holders who participate in the presale will be guaranteed to receive an NFT.
Lucky Drop

How To Buy

The legendary beginning will be made in partnership with Pink Sale.
Right after the presale, you can swap here.
Uniswap will be added here after the bridging.


Total Supply 666.666.666.666.666

-No team tokens

-%50 Pre-Sale

-%24.2 Liquidity

-%15 Bridge

-%10.7 Cex List.

Adress: 0x53daa9803b01465159f4f1efefed192ae2961e81


Phase 1

  • Launch

  • CoinGecko/Coinmarketcap Listings

  • ETH Bridge

  • 2,000+ Holders

  • Get $PepDog Trending on twitter with our memetic power

Phase 2


  • CEX Listings

  • 5,000+holders

  • NFT lending

  • Lucky Drop

  • L2 Bridge

Phase 3

  • DogPep Event

  • Building a large community.

  • T1 Exchange Listings

  • 50,000+ holders

  • Meme Takeove

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